• country:Portugal
  • style(s):Electronic, Pagan Folk
  • label:Frente Bolivarista
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, electronic
  • artist posted by:Ao Sul Do Mundo, Crl

Line up

  • Edgar Valente (Voice, Adufe)
  • Tempura the Purple Boy  (Bass, Bass Synth, Keys, Adufe and Aduf√£o)


BANDUA is the collaborative project between Tempura the Purple Boy and Edgar Valente where the popular songbook of the Portuguese region of Beira Baixa region is reinterpreted with electronic folk in the style of Berlin downtempo. Conceived by Portuguese-Brazilian musician and producer Tempura the Purple Boy and the Portuguese singer and musician Edgar Valente, Bandua represents the first time that the pagan and Moorish traditions of the central region of Portugal have been transformed into a melancholic Portuguese-language electronic pop record.