The Womexicans show on Waterwaves Radio catalyses Folk and Roots Festival

The Womexican's meet Fly Yeti Fly
The Womexicans meet 3Daft Monkeys ahead of Malmesbury Folk and Roots
The Womexican's support European Folk Day


Ian talks about the Malmesbury Folk and Roots Event
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The Womexican's Show is a weekly broadcast featuring grassroots musicians and promoters of music that has the Womex ethos at its heart.
Julia Olsen, Stephen Kearney and Eric van Monckhoven present music and interviews from the World, Folk and Roots scene.

Stephen Kearney said "As a result of Eric's work with the European Folk Network we've supported the Mayor of Malmesbury to host Malmesbury Folk and Roots. It's a celebration of European Folk Day, a project that celebrates the beautiful and broad based cultures and arts across the continent. Its aim is to break down dangerous boundaries and borders that keep people apart. We want to work to build trust respect and relationships between people, communities and partners". Julia Olsen said we are reacting to Frances Gay who said last year that "Music is a weapon and we have a duty to act."
Well here's our response.

The team are delighted that Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull supports the development of the festival.
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Stephen, Eric and Julia are keen to hear from artists that would like to make their own show with us.
Love to you all

article posted by:Stephen Kearney, Appreciate Life