Brasil Power Drums

Brasil Power Drums
Brasil Power Drums in South Korea
Brasil Power Drums in South Korea

Line up

  • + up to 9 Musicans and Dancers (Percussion and Dance)
  • Dudu Tucci (Percussion and Drums)
  • Krista Zeissig (Percussion)


Brasil Power Drums
Musical Director: Dudu Tucci

Hot Rhythms from Brasil:
Passion to your event

* original grooves
* outstanding breaks
* contemporary effects
* played by masters

The voice and percussion band Brasil Power Drums covers many of the contemporary street rhythms like samba, samba-reggae, ijexa, hip-hop, funk, candomble, maracatu - just to name a few.

The grooves are alternated with solos and trios creating very enjoyable musical moods. The charm and the hypnotic beauty of the rhythms take the public to a positive vibration. The theatre or the streets will be turned into an encounter of mystic and dreams - all that a good beat can cause.


* stage performance or walking act amidst
your audience
* club concerts, galas, sport events,
festivals, summer parties, trade fairs
any place where you want to create southern
feeling and Brazilian passion
* size of the band flexible according to the
* additional dance shows as an option
We design your individual festival package
with performances and workshops, stage
shows or walking acts