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Artvizyon Music & Film Production Company has been founded in 2003 with the goal to produce all kinds of visual and audio-visual productions.
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The Project named Rengahenk Turkuler (Colors in harmony-distinguished Turkish Folks Songs) has gained a great attention of the public in 2005 and became the best selling Turkish Folk Music Album of the year 2005-2006. After this project’s popularity the following Project Anatolian Passion and Rengahenk Turkuler III Karadut was released respectively in 2007 and 2009. Both projects gained the similiar appreciation of public since all three album were the first examples of a new marketing approach as they are dedicated to the best known Turkish Painters namely Nuri Iyem, Fikret Otyam and Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu accordingly.
In 2008 and 2009 another succesful and best selling album “Radio Days” has been released. With this new project the audience had listened to unique and unforgettable songs from Zeki Muren. These series also include Zeki Muren original radio-talks first time ever in a musical album.
Moreover to the successful music albums, Artvizyon also released first Karaoke DVD of Turkey. The company has also bundled her Karaoke DVD’s with microphones in order to promote the Karaoke application in Turkey. As the year 2012 the company has became first and biggest Karaoke Music Producer of Turkey with its 21 DVD’s. These DVD’s are generally selling with a gift microphone through the music markets and gaining the appreciation of music-lovers.
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"Gelmedin Diye" - Ilkay Akkaya

"Yalnizlik Yurdun Olur" - Nurettin Rencber

"SOFA (Sound Of Anatolia)" - Various (Instrumental)

"With Zeki Muren- Radio Days-I" - Zeki Muren

"Istanbul Mosques & Muezzins (The Azan and Modes)" - Various Muezzins Of Istanbul Mosques

"Pangea" - Etni-ka

"Sen Gibi" - Serhad Rasa