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Arvmusic is one of most known world music production companies in Italy.
Chiessiproductions is worldwide management for jazz and world music

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Arvmusic was one of the first companies that brought the World Music phenomenon in Italy in first nineties , often in relation with Real World and Polygram (now Universal) artists.

From 1995 Arvmusic works on cd and dvd production with various recording companies.

Live and booking: Ayub Ogada, Mari Boine, Geoffrey Oryema, Area, Adel Salameh, Guo Yue, Shan Qi, Vladimir Denissenkov, etc...

Cd and dvd productions: Terem Quartet, Ayub Ogada, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Vladimir Denissenkov, Wu Fei, Guo Yue/Shan Qi, Guido Ponzini, Alf Haggkvist, etc...

Last productions: Wu Fei (cd 2007); Shan Qi feat. Guo Yue, Wu Fei, G. Amighetti, G. Ponzini, H. A. Norbakken (dvd 2008)

Next production: Adel Salameh (cd)

From 2006 Arvmusic started its video section, allowing artists to create their promo and retail video dvd on beautiful italian landascapes with low costs and great audio and video quality.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2007


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