Besh o droM


brass, gipsy, worldmusic
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Attention! World Music fans beware, the Hungarians are coming! Here is a group whose followers take to the dance floor at the concerts first note, and do not stop dancing til the horns final blast. Besh o droM's music is a highly original alloy of the East European folk music vernaculars of Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Southern Slav, combined with Greek musical dialects, with subtle hints of Turkish and Middle-Eastern leanings and a dash of Balkan flavour.

The band was formed in Budapest in August 1999, going on to release many albums and tour extensively for the past twenty years. Proof that there is demand for a band that simply can’t be squeezed into any single category. Their name has come to represent a fusion of unrestrainable rhythm, melodious tunes, instrumental virtuosity, and a guarantee of cheerful, dance-driven audiences. They often find themselves at odds with folk purists due to their reworking of traditional music - it's as if they take their material out of a museum showcase, only to arrange it in a new and highly original fashion, considering this heritage as anyone's treasure trove. Their name, Besh o droM, is a Gipsy idiom for 'Go your own way!' which is certainly what they do.