"A Thousand Cranes" - CIGDEM ASLAN

A Thousand Cranes


Çiğdem Aslan’s second album "A Thousand Cranes" takes its name after tourna/ τ ούρνα (crane), a migratory bird with strong symbolism in many cultures and mythologies. Mostly portrayed as messengers in songs, poems and stories, the cranes are the bearers of teachings, culture and tradition; their longevity standing as a symbol of family, good fortune and eternal youth; their dance a celebration of love and joy.

But the cranes will also stand as partners to those missing their homelands and loved ones in the sadness of their exile. Some believe that cranes are carriers of the souls inhabiting our human bodies. Cranes are lovers of freedom, also representing prosperity and beauty. But above all, they stand as a symbol of peace… Like cranes, music travels, taking sounds and stories to different lands; it evolves, changes and yet, remains the same. "A Thousand Cranes" is an effort to tell some of these stories.

From the 1920's Smyrna and Istanbul of Çiğdem's debut album "Mortissa", "A Thousand Cranes" expands to Athens, the Balkans and South East Anatolia.

A band of world class musicians, led once again by the musical director Nikolaos Baimpas, accompanies her journey with a modern and crisp sound, embellishing the deep rooted melodies with modern jazzy influences and inspired improvisations.

As a continuation of the journey, this second album was recorded in one of Athens' historical studios AntArt, where the likes of Theodorakis and Hadjidakis recorded their most famous compositions.