Fanfare Ciocarlia's 25th Anniversary Album Funding

Fanfare Ciocarlia Album Crowdfunding Campaign
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The album celebrating 25 years of our music!

For many years the legendary gypsy brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia’s purpose has been to make great music that inspires people to dance, be free and enjoy life. For almost 25 years, they have released over 12 albums and played countless shows around the world, topping world music charts and international festivals. Through their music they have kept alive a unique centuries-old gypsy culture from their home country of Romania. Sharing it around the world, accumulating a host of in fans,and inspiring new genres within world music, bands, and festivals. Their music has featured in Hollywood films such as Borat, and some of their most prestigious live shows include the Nobel Peace Prize and NPR Tiny Desk.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary as a band in 2021, we had planned to record, release and tour a special album ‘It Wasn’t Hard to Love You’ (an ode to our fans). However, COVID 19 put a stop to this! We usually fund our albums through income from live shows, but due to the Corona crisis we cannot play live, and because we cannot play live we can not fund the album!

We wracked our brains, creating ever more elaborate plans to find the money to fund the album. The thought of not being able to make it made us very sad, as to us this would be our most important release, a celebration of our fans, and possibly our last ...

Then it struck us!!! Why don't ask all the amazing fans and music lovers across the world to become a part of this milestone album by donating to fund it!

article posted by:Henry Ernst, Asphalt Tango Records GmbH