Kottarashky aka Nikola Gruev
Kottarashky Band Shot


energetic, danceable, dramatic, cinematic
  • 1 Long Song
  • 2 Babo
  • 3 Lament
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Line up

  • Aleksandar Dobrev (clarinet)
  • Atanas Popov (drums)
  • Hristo Hadzhiganchev (guitar, keyboard)
  • Nikola Gruev (sampler)
  • Yordan Geshakov (bass)


Kottarashky is a 21st-century digital master musician with his hands sunk deep in the past. Bringing together vintage Balkan field recordings, classic jazz, blues, psychedelic sounds, and club beats alongside extraordinary, archetypal Gypsy voices, he molds these disparate sounds into a truly unique form of music that is clearly his own. Live Kottarashky fills his line-up of guitar, bass, and drums - with village musicians drawn from his hometown, creating ‘Kottarashky and the Rain Dogs”- an incarnation of his studio work which effortlessly brings to life his compositions and recordings for the live audience. Kottarashky was never Balkan Beats, however, he is one of the most enduring protagonists of the last decade of Balkan music. Kottarashky shows us why we should never stop listening to the sounds emanating from the Balkan region. Based in Bulgaria in Eastern Europe, he released his groundbreaking album "Opa Hey!" followed up by the raw and groovy "Demoni". Kottarashky then hit the world with his album number three “Cats, Dogs and Ghosts”. This time taking us deep into a New York district called Sofia, introducing us to its street corners brimming with rock, blues, Balkan-style funk, and the jazz-flavored rhythms of late summer.
Kottarashky's approach of using a collection of sounds taken from authentic field recordings is quite similar to artists like Amon Tobin, the only difference being that Gruev found and recorded his sources in the Bulgarian countryside. Combining these, he initiated a tribal digital dance music that went far beyond