"Pictures From The Street" - MOTION TRIO

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Motion Trio about Motion Trio:
"We got to know music in ways other than academic. We played for many years on the corner of Florianska Street and the market in Krakow. This is a very crowded place. Professors from the Music Academy passed by and dropped money in our hats. Many familiar faces looked at us sitting on the ground with our accordions on our knees - embarrassing. With such experience behind us nothing surprises us nowadays. First and foremost we are people, then musicians, then accordionists. We take what life brings. The simple idea of playing the accordion, acoustic playing without additional effects, that is us. We don't use samplers and electronics. Do we need samplers when we have wonderful instruments - 'acoustic samplers'? The accordion has these sounds inside itself. The accordion covers the range of a chamber orchestra! How many hands we have! How many possibilities of harmonic playing..."