"Sounds From A Bygone Age Vol. 2" - ROMICA PUCEANU

Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 2006
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The new CD series of Asphalt Tango Records with historic recordings from past times, curiosities from Eastern Europe and more.

This most valuable sound document, which Romica Puceanu recorded with Aurel and Victor Gore in 1964, was actually the debut album of the Romanian Gypsy singer par excellence.This Re-Release on CD revives and recalls Romica’s unique and soulful performances of the “cântece de mahala”, those stirring songs from the poor suburbs of southern towns in Romania. Within the blend of Turkish “cifte-telli” rhythms and Romanian melodies and lyrics stories of the everyday life, longings and sufferings of the simple folk were told most virtuosic.Romica Puceanu, who died in 1996, is still regarded as the incarnation of Romanian Lautari music and the unrivaled Grande Dame of the songs from the mahala.Brought to light from the archives of Electrecord in Romania and resurrected on CD, this is the second release of the CD series “Sounds from a Bygone Age” by Asphalt Tango Records.

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