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rock, pop, ska, rock, pop, energetic, wild, joyous, happy, dramatic
  • 1 Basta Mafia
  • 2 Running
  • 3 Maria
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Zdob și Zdub is a Moldovan gypsy punk band, based in Chișinău. The band represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev, Ukraine, on 21 May 2005, finishing 6th. They also represented Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany, on 14 May 2011, finishing 12th.Zdob si Zdub are in the truest sense of the word an "international" band. Constantly on the move crossing borders from country to country on a never ending tour. From their humble beginnings within the Eastern European music scene as a Moldavian folk influenced ska-punk band, they simultaneously layered a mix of highly innovative world music with electronica dance and alt-rock muscle without losing sight of their core roots. The band have performed not once, but twice in the finals of the Eurovision song contest, achieving this feat with the song "So Lucky" from their Asphalt Tango Records release "Basta Mafia!". Their performances where electrifying it led prominent pop figures including Adele and Plan B producer Paul Epworth to go as far as to tweet ".I just thought it was brilliant and so far removed from the Western European entries.I loved the beautiful eccentricity ..."
The record title "Basta Mafia!" forms a statement of the band’s former Soviet Union heritage With a sense of irony and humor the title suggests a stop to the old ways. Not only the political but also the musical and mental ways. The band recorded the album in the ever transformative city of Berlin Germany. Utilizing Berlin's cross-cultural talent pool they worked with innovative producer Marc Elsner, alongside New York's Andy Schuman. This multicultural combination of talents led to Zdob Si Zdub's most ambitious and accessible piece of work yet. "Basta Mafia!" is a monster of a record that only gets better the more you listen. Enjoy...


"Basta Mafia" - ZDOB SI ZDUB