Soffi: Mario Crispi solo

performance of archaic wind instruments & computer

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Mario Crispi
Mario Crispi


a Mario Crispi's song with archaic wind instruments & computer
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4 March to 16 April 2011
In ... Canto Mediterraneo
Montemartini Central notes
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... Reopened the season of concerts at the Central Montemartini. Every weekend a new survey says the sounds of the Mediterranean.

After the season dedicated to great jazz, soundtracks and music unplugged concert of Montemartini back with a new show singing ... In the Mediterranean, in which great artists interpret the musical traditions of southern Italy, Albania, Morocco and Greece up to the sounds of the Middle East. Every Friday and Saturday at 20 and 22 will present two concerts in the striking of the Central Machine Room, one of the masterpieces of ancient art from the Capitoline Museums and the machines of industrial architecture of the former power station.

Mario Crispi: Soffi (breaths)
performance of archic wind instruments & computer

Friday, April 1, 2011
21.00 (first performance)
22.00 (second performance)

Saturday, April 2, 2011
21.00 (first performance)
22.00 (second performance)


Mario Crispi, composer, player of wind instruments and band founder Agricantus, carries out an intense activity as a soloist, with performances in which his colleague archaic wind instruments to computers and microprocessors.
From this kind of experience did the project “soffi “(breath). This project is an "investigation" of indefinite worlds through musical instruments and tools that transform the air, wind and breath in a variety of sounds and timbres.
On this basis, Mario Crispi expand its research in a meaningful way by looking through the sounds suggested by the tools used to describe uncharted territory but also possible. MC then gave the same importance to ancestral computers and flutes, while the role of the "instrument" subject to the creativity and symbolism, so without wishing to pursue any exaltation sake of technology. The idea of creating a performance by one man band "was born from the need to then take the listener by the hand size in solitary explorer, which contains both charm and wiles, to a" continuous becoming "of horizons and continually crossed boundaries, emulating the winds that blow in all directions.

The performance

The performance consists of a concert in which the archaic technology executive of the primitive tools used are mixed use of computers. These are dedicated to sound samples in real time (which is recorded musical phrases just played and played immediately after returning), harmonization (which is achieved by creating entries and fragmented melody performed in intervals scalar) and running the sound (produced by compressors, filters, echo and reverb, which alters the very nature of sound, creating spatial depth and different from the original). In addition, some wind instruments are played with circular breathing, breathing technique, a characteristic that allows the player to perform tunes ad libitum, without interrupting the sound where to catch your breath.

The instrumentation

The instrumentation used in the show is composed of

Archaic-wind instruments:
whirlies (pipes harmonic rotation), ney (Persian, turkish and Arabic flute oblique), romanian caval (flute beak reversed guttural), sami selijefløyte Sami (flute with natural harmonics), Indian bansuri (bamboo flute), the armenian duduk (oboe popular ) indian morcheng (brass harp), australian didgeridoo (harmonic oscillator of the lips and the voice modifier), sardinian launeddas, egyptian arghoul (both popular clarinets), bolivian quena (flute notch), andean sikus, romanian nai (flutes pan cane), bummulu (earthenware jars), flute keys mouth modified;
- Electronic and virtual instruments:
sampler in real time (real-time digital recorder), digital signal processors (digital editing of sound), sampling (digital sound recorder and player), harmonize (multiplier harmonic sounds), synthesizer (virtual simulator vector synthesis sounds ).

The performance is accompanied by video images and processed in real time by Cynthia Garofalo, which he directed visual also using a system of video cameras mounted next to the musician to bring out the details. The images and video, interacting with the sounds, exalting and helping to build evocative atmospheres, are taken from reports made with Mario Crispi in the Middle East and Asia Minor.