Insulae: Enzo Favata & Mario Crispi

Insulae: Enzo Favata & Mario Crispi
Insulae Cover
Insulae: Crispi & Favata


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  • country:Italy
  • region:Sicily
  • style(s):Mediterranean, World Jazz
  • label:Isola dei Suoni
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:AC Formedonda - Produzioni Sonore

Line up

  • Enzo Favata (Saxes, clarinets, laptop)
  • Mario Crispi (archaic wind instruments, vocal, laptop)


Music for wind instruments, archaic, classical, processors and computers

Enzo Favata
soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, alto clarinet, live electronics, real time looper, multi-harmonizer, voice.

Mario Crispi
Armenian duduk, bansuri Indian ney Arabic, Romanian horse, beat box flute & vocals, flute embouchure change, whirlies, MIDI wind controller, darbouka, bandages, looper, harmonizer, piano, voice

INSULAE is the result of the artistic encounter between Mario Crispi and Enzo Favata, both musicians who engage with the polinstrumental musical concept applied to electronics, both of two seaside towns, both of two Italian islands, and ancient Mediterranean.
The first, of Alghero, is its link with Sardinia, the starting point to discover its origins to mix the world of jazz and improvised music. The second, of Palermo, for years devoted his re looking to the world of wind instruments come from five continents, and starting from the island of origin, Sicily, vague musical territory for existing and imaginary.
An exciting combination that research, in a continuous evolution, the ancient roots and modern insularity, both geographical and metaphorical. And deciphering map becomes the use of Latin as a language of mediation between East and West, through the historical sedimentation, social and language that are common to many Mediterranean peoples.
The musical proposal that develops in this context is therefore a continuing series of dialogues tonal, thematic and investigative trace, a path full of sounds and atmospheres reminiscent at times archaic, sometimes modern, sometimes dreamlike, but often resulting in trips imaginary horizons and indefinable as the eye.
A very direct music that arouses emotions and minds moving time, a story that develops sound articulated harmonies through the melody lines of the two horns, sometimes naked sometimes filtered, or multiplied by the live electronics of the two musicians are usual users.
INSULAE is without doubt a project that starts from the origin and date from a simple melody, the basic element of music and the world unfolds as a dialogue without words.