Mario Crispi & Arenaria + Gli Archi Ensemble - R.A.M Risonanze Arcaiche Mediterranee

Mario Crispi & Arenaria + Gli Archi Ensemble
Mario Crispi & Archi Ensemble
Mario Crispi & Arenaria + Gli Archi Ensemble
Mario Crispi & Arenaria + Gli Archi Ensemble


Arenaria CD Trck n°4
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  • date:15 May 2011 - 06 Jul 2011
  • area:Italy
  • style(s):Mediterranean, Contemporary
  • status:published tour
  • continents:Europe / Russia
  • tour posted by:AC Formedonda - Produzioni Sonore

Confirmed Dates

19 may 2011 - Fabriano - Anteprima Poiesis Festival - Grotte di Frasassi
5 july 2011 - Partinico - Circuito del Mito - Real Cantina Borbonica
6 july 2011 - Castelbuono - Circuito del Mito - Chiostro di San Francesco

Concert for archaic wind instruments, elictric violin, Chapman Stick, drums and string orchestra

Mario Crispi, strumenti a fiato arcaici, live electronics, composizioni, direzione
Enzo Rao, violino elettrico, effetti
Maurizio Curcio, Chapman Stick, laptop
Giovanni Lo Cascio, percussioni mediterranee
Gli Archi Ensemble, orchestra d'archi
Cinzia Garofalo, real time video

The project R.A.M. born in Palermo in 2011 as a milestone of research between the composition of Mario Crispi, the sounds of the world as archaic wind instruments (the instruments he plays) or new technologies, or those produced by the musicians that playaed him: Agricantus first in the past (his creature dissolved in 2008) in its various organic, and now Enzo Rao, Maurizio Curcio, Giovanni Lo Cascio (who form "Arenaria", in its current and new training base), composers and performers at the same time, music lovers of this genre better known as the ethno ambient.
This project will add, for the first time ever, Gli Archi Ensemble, String Orchestra and refined knit Palermo, formed by musicians of the two stable orchestras of the city of Palermo (Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana and the Orchestra of the Teatro maximum), who initiated the collaboration with Mario Crispi since his last solo album "Arenaria".
Although the formation of two artistic ensemble is radically different, the result is a mix of music and sound easily surpasses any symbolic fence, or a distance one can conceive of these musical worlds apparentemenre away.
Risonanze Arcaiche Mediterranee blend sounds so archaic and classical that "resonate" in the deepest cultural sedimentation of a Mediterranean Odyssey (understood as a journey wandering) and that makes the Mediterranean (as he says the meaning of the word) a place that is "in the midst of the land", where the latter are considered like geographical territories, historical and peoples.
And into this wandering, the urban grooves and its sounds, mixed with ethereal new technologies, merging the ancestral sounds and emphasizes the characters hypnotics or oppose seeking a balance.
R.A.M. is also an acronym for Random Access Memory (Random Access Memory) that, in addition to being part of the computer designed to interim processing (such as in computer music in real time), in the case of this art project refers symbolically direct access to any part of the "memory" itself, both technological and musical and of the ancestral human side.