Rosa di Flauti: Mario Crispi acoustic solo

Rosa di Flauti: Mario Crispi acoustic solo
Mario Crispi Live Santa Maria Maggiore Church Tuscania (Rome) Italy
Mario Crispi Live Santa Maria Maggiore Church Tuscania (Rome) Italy
Mario Crispi Live Palermo Italy
Mario Crispi Live Palermo Italy


Live recording in Santa Maria Maggiore Church Tuscania Italy
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Mario Crispi "rosa di flauti": solo performance winth archaic winds instruments & laptop
  • Rosa di Flauti
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  • country:Italy
  • region:Sicily
  • style(s):Acoustic, Contemporary modal
  • label:Formedonda
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:AC Formedonda - Produzioni Sonore

Line up

  • Mario Crispi (archaic winds instruments)



The project "Rose flute" comes from research in art and music by Mario Crispi on wind instruments from five continents.
The decision to perform an acoustic concert composed of nine solos is the result of a desire to make the listener feel the natural timbres of these instruments trying to represent biodiversity in the form of sound samples and emotional. Here then, "Rose flutes" which, borrowing the concept symbol of the explorer, or the "wind rose" (the compass symbol), unravels a circular route starting from the North affects the various points of the compass through the sounds of wind instruments from those directions. The musical result is, in addition to the presentation timbre of each instrument, the interpretation of the compositions on epidermal and instinctive. Mario Crispi, emulating its musical structures and forms of the traditions of these instruments, become imaginary travel notes and photographs sound invented but possible for alone traveler.
Mario Crispi conceives the performance of "Rose of flutes" in way strictly acoustic, to provide a starting point for reflection on the concept of low "entropy" given by the archaic music, musical instruments made from natural or recycled materials, low use of electrical technology and electronics as well as the offer of an ecology of perception typical of acoustic music is not amplified to benefit in times and places suitable according to the rituals that are now submerged by the modern noise.

Mario Crispi
archaic flutes and wind instruments, compositions

Born in Palermo (Sicily), his first real involvement in music began in 1976, showing from the very start an interest in archaic wind instruments from all over the world. Founder of the band Agricantus with which he had an intense record and concert activity (10 albums, 4 soundtracks, various compilations, hundred of concerts). He has completed research into ethnomusicology, both with the Sicilian Ethnophonic Archive, the Folkstudio of Palermo, the Institute for Folk Traditions of the University of Palermo, and the Museum of Folk Traditions of Nuoro. In order to deepen his musical research he has visited many regions of the world, Africa, Middle East, Asia Minor and Brasil meeting many musicians, history and atmospheres, making important musical experiences and elaborating musical concepts and compositions.
Besides Agricantus productions, he also composes for soundtracks, theatre and dance shows, surrounding sonorizations, developing the multimedia side of his artistic works. As coauthor and interpreter he has participated in various soundtrack and in record productions in the fields of traditional, world and trance music working with artists such as Luis Bacalov, Pivio e Aldo De Scalzi, Trancendental, Andrea Guerra, Enzo Avitabile, Brothers, Giovanni Lo Cascio.
His research work continuous during the years with the participation to ON Nomadic Observatory of Rome with which he realizes territorial artistic events and multimedia installations in Sicily and the Mediterranean.
In 2007 he has participated to the Juakali Drummers Project conceived by Giovanni Lo Cascio within the AMREF rehabilitation program "Children in need" in Nairobi, Kenya. Juakali Drummers is a Dulcimer Fondation pour la Musique and AMREF permanent project to rescue children from the streets through music education.
He performes as soloist in various italian and international Festivals two different musical projects with his winds instruments, the first totally acoustic and the other which digs deep into the world of wind instruments and of technology. In 2006 he has been invited in Pakistan, in quality of representative for Italy, to the World Performing Arts Festival of Lahore.
With Agricantus he has realized tours in Europe, Brasil, Israel, Syria, Hong Kong, participating to International Festivals and won the prestigious Targa Tenco 1996 (for the Best World Music Album), PIM Italian Music Award 1997 (for the best frontier music album), the Augusto Daolio Prize (for the social engagement).
He is author and artistic director of the Festival Paesaggi di Suoni ( In 2008, has created in Palermo FolkaLab a permanent musical and multidisciplinary workshop which has linked 200 artists ( January 2009: the new CD Arenaria.
Mario Crispi played solo in international festival: MedFest 2003 (Sicilia), Premio Grinzane Cavour 2004 (Piemonte), Theatron Musikommer 2004 (Monaco di Baviera), Kals'Art 2005 (Palermo), Musica sulle Bocche 2005 (Sardegna), La Notte della Taranta 2006 (Puglia), September Concert 2006 e 2007 (Roma), Sete Soys y Sete Luas 2006 (Sicilia), Paesaggi di Suoni 2006 e 2009 (Lazio), Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma, 2008 e 2010, Cornerstone Festival 2008 (Liverpool), Festival Letteraltura Macugnaga 2009. He played and made musical research too in Tunisia, Egitto, Siria, Libano, Giordania, Iran, Brasile, Europa, Kenya.