MC & Arenaria

MC & Arenaria
Mario Crispi & Arenaria
Mario Crispi & Arenaria 2012
Mario Crispi & Arenaria 2011
Mario Crispi & Arenaria 2011


A song recorded at the fishmarket of Palermo
  • 1 Cala
  • 2 Gurfah
  • 3 Cannitu
  • 4 Focu
  • 5 Putiri
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Live Concert in Rome, Auditorium Parco della Musica 2010
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  • country:Italy
  • region:Sicily
  • style(s):Ambient, Contemporary modal
  • label:Formedonda
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:AC Formedonda - Produzioni Sonore

Line up

  • Elvira Impagnatiello (vocal, guitar, keyboards)
  • Enzo Rao (Violin)
  • Giovanni Lo Cascio (Drums)
  • Mario Crispi (voice, archaic winds instruments, direction)
  • Maurizio Curcio (Chapman Stick, laptop)


Mario Crispi (flautist and founder of the band Agricantus) brings with Arenaria, his new project, the ancestral sound and the voices of Sicily mixed with modern styles and more music of the Mediterranean. A highly evocative sound that bears witness to the layers of culture and millennial history.

The story of Mario Crispi music is inextricably linked to Agricantus, of which he is founder and basic soul and with Agricantus, Mario will turn the world, will make hundreds of concerts, will affect dozens of discs that will bring the top of the charts in the European world music and radio playlists by campus university in the U.S.

The live musical project "Mario Crispi & Arenaria" sets forth the track record in working with the same name. In concert, which is subtitled "journey to the center of Sicily", toghether Mario Crispi there are: Giovanni Lo Cascio, drums and percussion, Enzo Rao, violin and electric effects and Maurizio Curcio at Chapman stick, laptop and piano. New for 2012 is the entry in the band of Elvira Impagnatiello, intense vocalist Mediterranean, which enriches the melodies and songs of the musical project.

The concert is a very articulate sound that unravels between improvisations, and lyrical evocations in a continuum of tones and melodies, in search of an immediacy of spirit and energy, where the human and instrumental voices are interwoven in many different solutions.
The ensemble has a great harmony of the construction layers of sound and facilities open.