Stefano Del Sole Trio

Stefano Del Sole Trio
The Stefano Del Sole Trio


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Line up

  • Fabio Accardi (Drums)
  • Stefano Del Sole  (Vibraphone)
  • Viz Maurogiovanni  (Bass)


Stefano Del Sole Trio (Stefano Del Sole - vibraphone, Viz Maurogiovanni - electric bass, Fabio Accardi - Drums) was born in March 2023 by Stefano Del Sole to give substance to the desire to share and compare different musical realities but which inevitably converge in one word: jazz.
The trio performs all original compositions written by Del Sole and turns its gaze towards some Latin jazz pieces.
The use of digital sounds (Stefano Del Sole plays the "malletSTATION": a midi controller that reproduces the physical characteristics of the Vibraphone integrate with the purely acoustic sound of the rhythm section, giving the sounds an unexpected and suggestive color.
The songs are all original compositions whose arrangements were handled by the trio.
In September 2023 the trio was busy in the recording studio and on October 20th their first album will be released entitled: "Wanderlust - La Sindrome dell' Altrove" which includes songs inspired by the theme of travel.

Stefano Del Sole: Vibraphone and digital sounds
Viz Maurogiovanni: Electric bass
Fabio Accardi: Drums