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Rumore Bianco - Contemporary Music Festival

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"Rumore bianco" is an initiative aimed at spreading contemporary music as a vehicle of expression and communication in the city of Foggia. This festival offers events in which contemporary music will be the protagonist. This initiative tends to develop new languages, in particular the musical one, which becomes the heritage of the area. This is implemented with the enhancement of both local composers and performers, who are given freedom of expression with the commission of new compositions, and with the participation of exponents already established in the world of contemporary music, thus giving the local musicians the opportunity to confront with national and international realities, favoring the exchange of ideas, which are fundamental for the conception and development of new languages. Fundamental is the dialogue within the territory between the musicians (composers and performers) who through the comparison have the opportunity to develop new works that reflect the expressive needs, using new instrumental and compositional techniques. An integral part of this dialogue is the meeting with the public which becomes an active part of this production, through concerts and debates that develop interest in this musical genre. Another important objective is the enhancement of the cultural heritage of the province of Foggia, with concerts held in locations of artistic and cultural interest (churches, auditoriums, etc.).


participating in

  • WOMEX 2021
stand number WOMEX 21: W35, W40


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