Césaria Evora Orchestra

Comprised mainly of musicians who accompanied the late, great, barefoot diva during the last decade of her brilliant career, The Cesária Évora Orchestra came together at this year's Kriol Jazz Festival in Praia to honour her memory and pay tribute to the remarkable influence she had on raising the profile of Cabo Verdean music around the world. With the all-star line-up exhibiting their customary high standard of musicianship and ensemble playing, the honour of performing the songs that Cesária made famous falls to two stars of a younger Cabo Verdean generation: the cool, clear-voiced Nancy Viera, who has made her name bringing a fresh wave of influences to the classic morna style, and the contrasting earthy and soulful singing of Jenifer Solidade. A top-quality nostalgic celebration of a singular artist, performed with love and gratitude.

Check out the video at the Gamboa Festival, Praia, Cabo Verde, 17 May 2014 :

article posted by:Titciana Santos, Atlantic Music Expo - AME