Didier Laloy & Tuur Florizoone

Didier Laloy & Tuur Florizoone
Didier Laloy & Tuur Florizoone by Stephan Vanfleteren
Didier Laloy & Tuur Florizoone by Matthias De Smet


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Line up

  • Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion)
  • Tuur Florizoone (chromatic accordion)


Putting Didier Laloy and Tuur Florizoone together on stage is one crazy idea. In the first place, because they come from completely different worlds and, second, because their instruments do not obviously go together. But craziness pays off because when these two genius musicians come together, the result is extraordinary innovative music! Between them, the duo have pledged to make the accordion sexy and to thumb their nose at all the facile clichés attributed to the instrument. For, in the right hands, accordion can mean original harmonies and imaginative melodies, rhythmic control and a subtle groove. And when two creative hotheads bring their talents to bear, then prepare your ears and eyes for the all-out spectacle. In the chromatic corner we have Tuur Florizoone, student and past-master of all the musical languages (classical, jazz and Latin, thanks to many visits to Brazil), bringing his own special harmonies and jazz influences to the project. In the diatonic corner we have self-taught musician Didier Laloy lending melodic inspiration and rhythmic punch to the duo’s original compositions. Come and enjoy the live presentation of the duo’s latest album and hear the accordion equivalent of boundaries between genres being demolished.