Tricycle by alex vanhee


2019 - album: Zoom
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live at Ancienne Belgique 2020
  • Ugo
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Line up

  • Philippe Laloy (saxophones & flutes)
  • Tuur Florizoone (chromatic accordion)
  • Vincent Noiret (Double bass)


Accordionist/composer Tuur Florizoone and his companions Philippe Laloy (saxes & flutes) and Vincent Noiret (double bass) celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tricycle with a new CD and an extensive tour in the club circuit of Belgium and the Netherlands.
20 years of Tricycle
For bandleader Tuur Florizoone, this anniversary already has a symbolic value: he was 20 years old and still a student at the Brussels music conservatory when he started Tricycle, his very first band. After 20 years and 4 albums, the group is still going strong. So at 40 years of age, Tuur has shared half his life in brotherhood and friendship with bandmates Philippe Laloy and Vincent Noiret.
New CD
The birthday CD 'ZOOM' contains 13 accessible, inventive and narrative compositions by Tuur, that once again explore the boundaries of jazz, world music, film music and classical music with a typical 'Belgian' sound.
It is no coincidence that this anniversary CD is called 'ZOOM' because Tuur likes to compose with images in mind. Images that can appear in a film, a series of photos or a documentary. Each composition is a story in itself. This CD also contains some reworkings of his supporting music for the documentary ‘Harry Gruyaert, Photographer’ (2018) about the life of the Belgian Magnum Photographer, with whom Tuur became friends. The cover photo of ZOOM is also a fragment from one of Gruyaert’s photographs.
Tuur has previously composed music for the documentary 'L'Amour des Moules' (2012), and an oyster documentary is planned. Tuur is also known for his film score for the Belgian movies 'Aanrijding in Moscou' (2008) and 'Brasserie Romantiek' (2012). He was also able to evoke the heartbreaking images of sadness and melancholy in his critically acclaimed mestizo project 'Mixtuur' (2010), about Congolese mixed-race children in Belgian foster families.

Own 'Belgian' sound
Tricycle's music can't really be put in a box. With his compositions, Tuur Florizoone likes to explore the boundaries of jazz, world music, film music and classical music and he creates his own sound and mix, which he likes to call 'Belgian'. "Historically, Belgium is also a country of cross-pollinations, not only because of the many (cultural) dominations but also because of the various musical currents that have flooded our country. I see my compositions as a mixture of musical styles and as a result of a search for their own cultural identity and their own musical culture" Tuur says.
The line-up of Tricycle is also a purely 'Belgian' story, with a Fleming, a Brussels native and a Walloon, who are all multilingual, as well as speaking and playing the universal language of music. Over the past 20 years, Tuur, Philippe and Vincent have grown together without losing their identity. One hears, each time, a close brotherhood in sound. Their music is very accessible; they bring stories, inventive melodies, surprising arrangements and improvisations. Those who like to travel, those who are curious and a little nostalgic find it pleasant to relax with Tricycle. "Because making music for an audience is still the core business of our trio. On the one hand, we want to spoil our audience in a chair with a 'sit down, relax and listen' approach, but on the other hand we like to keep the same audience sharp by sudden or surprising twists or by experimental improvisations that require some commitment from the listener" Tuur says.
Composing at the piano
Tuur is a classically trained pianist, having taught himself the chromatic accordion. However, he writes all his compositions, counterparts, harmonies and arrangements at the piano. That is why his music does not have the typical accordion sound one would expect from that instrument. "I do compose at the piano, but the accordion is my concert instrument. On stage I literally fuse with it and I like to feel the music and the deepest notes vibrating against my chest as I play". His unique sound led to Philip Catherine, Jean-Louis Matinier, Carlos Nunez, Alfredo Marcucci, Zahava Seewald, Chris Joris, Tutu Puoane all wanting to work with him. The world-famous jazz accordionist and bandoneonist Richard Galliano also praised Tuur in an interview with a Belgian newspaper in 2015. For the past 5 years Tuur has been touring mainly with the trio Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski, with trumpeter Eric Vloeimans and his Oliver's Cinema, project and with 'Secrets', a remarkable production with a mix of chamber music, jazz and vocal classical music in which soprano Claron McFadden tells and sings, accompanied by the trio Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski. Tuur toured up to the USA with both Vloeimans and McFadden.

Tricycle, what's in a name?
As a child, Tuur liked to do breakneck acrobatics on both skateboard and unicycle. He actually learned the business of performing artist in the circus school between the ages of 12 and 22. Even in 2019, Tuur is still very steady on one wheel, that's why, even in Brussels, he uses his folding bike as much as possible. So when, as a 20 year old, Tuur got the chance to play live music in a German circus for 3 weeks with bandmates Philippe Laloy and Vincent Noiret, the trio was automatically renamed Tricycle. And the rest is history….
After “Orange for Tea” (2004), “King Size” (2008) and “Queskia?” (2011), ZOOM (2019) is the 4th Tricycle CD to be released on Tuur's own record label 'Aventura Musica'. Zoom' is for sale on where you will also find tour dates.