Baracutanga - Live


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A joyous, intense and explosive glimpse at Baracutanga!
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  • country:Bolivia
  • region:South America
  • style(s):Latin, World
  • label:Avokado Artist Recordings
  • type:Band
  • instrumentation:salsa and latin band
  • artist posted by:Avokado Artists / ¡Globalquerque!

Line up

  • Carlos Noboa (Bass, quena, and vocals)
  • Jackie Zamora (vocals)
  • Kilko Paz (surdos, charango, Peruvian cajón, drums, vocals)
  • Micah Hood (trombone and percussion )
  • Nicholas Baker (vibraphone, accordion, percussion, drums, vocals)
  • Paul Gonzales (trumpet and Brazilian percussion )
  • Randy Sanchez (guitar, bass and Cuban tres )


Baracutanga is a seven-piece band representing four countries (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, USA) that prides itself on arranging traditional South American rhythms, like huayño and cumbia, in new, interesting ways. Eastern darbuka or Afro-Cuban bata and Afro-Peruvian festejo mix with Andean zampoñas, among countless other rhythmic combinations. The resulting countless rhythmic combinations, blending ancestral traditions with modern sensibility, create an exciting, distinct Latin flavor all its own that leaves dancing crowds wanting more.

Lyrically, Baragutanga builds bridges between south and north, crossing linguistic and cultural obstacles. They seek common ground creating socially-conscious songs, addressing and overcoming the barriers of discrimination, distrust, violence and hate.

Baragutanga‘s shows are joyous, intense and explosive with fronting duties split between powerful Peruvian songstress Jackie Zamora and the band’s exuberant beating heart, Bolivian multi-instrumentalist Kilko Paz (son of famed Bolivian activist Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui). Added magic comes from Ecuadorian multi-instrumentalist Carlos Noboa. Baracutanga is rounded out by talented and inventive cast on horns, flutes, accordions, vibes, an array of percussion and all manner of string instruments.


"Importados" - Baracutanga