Avrupa Muzik

Music Production and Media
Avrupa Müzik, since it has been established, has brought important and successful artists to the market. Avrupa Müzik alwa

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Avrupa Müzik, with the powerful distribution company under its roof, has the capacity to carry out the distribution and marketing of its products in Turkish territory.

Avrupa Müzik Group, owns various catalogs, most importantly Odeon Müzik (which has an history of 87 years), Süper Müzik, Bonus Müzik, Tempa-Foneks, Neşe Müzik, S Müzik and Mars Müzik. Avrupa Müzik also represents all of the catalogs and artists which belongs to the largest music company Universal Music Group International.

The founders of the company Cengiz Erdem and Deniz Erdem, besides from being producers, are also active board members of the collecting societies MSG and MÜYAP, they contribute to the sector in all possible areas.


Avrupa Müzik Group has the largest music catalog in Turkey, which contains the largest artist repertoire above 4000 albums, over 30.000 songs and thousands of music videos in its archive. Avrupa Müzik with the companies under its roof, has been existent since 1924, and with this history, has the back catalogs of most of the artists in Turkey.

Digital Platforms and Mobile Applications

Avrupa Müzik with the digital software company that it owns, provides the software and the content for the digital music platforms of the leading telecoms in Turkey such as TTNET and Avea. With this contribution Avrupa Müzik helps the music sector in terms of awareness regarding music in digital platforms.


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