Azzband is a etnic-jazz music ensemble born Spain, formed in 2008 by musicians from Italy-Spain-Australia-Venezuela

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The project 'AzZband was born in 2008. The band unites musicians from Italy, Venezuela, Australia, Germany and Spain that come together in Valladolid (Spain).
From jazz to tarantella, tango to fanfare, Uruguayan candombe to Argentine Murga,'aZzBand distinctly interprets and mixes the music of the world, presenting songs and music that speak of dreams, journeys and union in what, for most of its members, is a foreign land.
The ensemble uses the improvisation of Jazz, attempting nonetheless to stimulate the emotions and imaginations of any type of audience: including one not entirely formed of music connoisseurs. That's why this is not a classic Jazz Band, but an "Azz Band". The missing "J" reveals an added quality, one that allows greater freedom of execution, and avoids the groups "anchoring” itself any particular musical
For the past year, the band has participated in numerous events and played in numerous venues in Spain (Festival Emplazados, Café Corrillo, Café España, Noche del Diseño, Festival Jazz en la Olmeda, Palacio Santa Cruz, Medina del Campo Auditorium, Theatre Zorrilla...). During the summer of 2010 'aZzband went on tour in Italy invited in the international world music festival 'La Ghironda' and in the summer 2011 come back to Italy to perform in different cities in the south. In 2012 the band played in the most important theatres of Castilla y León and in his Jazz Festival.
Now the band is promoting his new LP ‘Sueños y colores’, recorded by the technicians of the national television of Italy and mastered in Germany.



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  • WOMEX 2012


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