Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble

Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble


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Line up

  • Janne Halonen (Guitars, Vocals)
  • Joakim Berghäll  (Saxophones, Vocals)
  • Juha Räsänen (Drums)
  • Menard Mponda (Percussion, Vocals)
  • Mikko Pettinen  (Trumpet, Vocals)
  • Noël Saïzonou  (Lead Vocals, Percussion,Sax)
  • Sampo Riskilä (Bass)
  • Visa Oscar (Keyboards)


Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble takes the sounds of Benin, the homeland of Voodoo, and combines them with soulful songwriting, jazzy improvisations and funky beats.

The music is written by the band's lead vocalist/percussionist Noël Saïzonou and guitarist Janne Halonen. The name of the band refers to their hometowns, which are over 6000 km apart.

Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble has been touring in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Benin, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Canada.


Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble