J-P Piirainen

J-P Piirainen


Two personalities colliding inside my head. One wants to play and the other wants to dance. Is it so that only the stronger lives or can they live tog
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  • country:Finland
  • region:Scandinavia
  • label:Bafe's Factory
  • type:Solo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, guitar
  • artist posted by:Bafe's Factory

Line up

  • J-P Piirainen (Guitar)


"J-P's suberb technique and unique ability to mix fingerstyle guitar and modern folk music has left me in awe. He is taking the guitar to new places!" - Petteri Sariola, fingerstyle virtuoso

J-P Piirainen has become one of the most interesting and renewing solo performers in Finnish folk music. He's a talented solo guitarist and folkmusician from Joensuu, Finland. His two passions, guitar music and scandinavian folkmusic, has led him to explore different styles of playing guitar. These styles are combined with Nordic folkmusic, creating a totally new, groovy and interesting style of guitar music. Playing both his own compositions and traditional nordic tunes, he brings a new twist to not only Nordic folk music, but also the world of guitar music.

Born in Joensuu, North-Karelia Finland, he was introduced to music at a very early age. After numerous experiments with instruments he found acoustic guitar and started classical guitar studies in Joensuu conservatory. At the same time he was introduced to finnish folk music via a folk dance group he joined. Eventually he was consumed by folk music and he began his folk music studies in 2006. He also found the world of acoustic guitar music around that time via music of Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Petteri Sariola, Don Ross and many other acoustic guitar players. Folk music and guitar music became his passion and obsession. In 2009 he got in to Sibelius-Academy, Finland's only music university, to study folk music and has developed his unique playing style ever since. His playing style combines different kinds of fingerstyle techniques like flamenco, Celtic fingerstyle and American fingerpicking. These combined with the Nordic folk music tradition creates a whole new genre to folk and guitar music.

His debut album "First Steps" was released in 2014 and since then he has toured in Finland and abroad frequently. One of his tunes was published in Acoustic magazine (UK). Nordic Guitar Music has been a Showcase artist in Kaustinen folk music festival 2015 and Tallinn Music Week 2017.

After couple years of experimenting and composing, J-P Piirainen is more than ready to introduce new Nordic Guitar Music album, which continues to explore possibilites of combining fingerstyle guitar music and Nordic folk music in different ways. Besides his original solo pieces, featuring artist are expanding Nordic Guitar Music sound to new soundscapes. J-P says that album's music will be bigger and more experimental than ever before! His also teamed up with great musician and guitar player Joonas Widenius who is producing the upcoming album.