• country:Finland
  • region:Nordic
  • style(s):Ethno
  • label:Bafe's Factory
  • type:Band, Quintet
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter
  • artist posted by:Bafe's Factory

Line up

  • Eero Nurmela (Guitar)
  • Inka Niemi (Vocals)
  • Janne Storm (Ableton, Setara)
  • Olli Puolakka (Double Bass)
  • Suvi Eevi Karhu (Kantele)

Niemi is a magical fusion of the Finnish lullaby tradition and ambient music. Singer & songwriter Inka Niemi accompanies soft singing with reverbed kantele and misty atmospheres embracing the listener. Her music is a meditative journey into a place where anxiety, stress and insomnia have been left far behind. The old message of lullabies is clear: you are safe.

In live performances, Niemi is accompanied by a band whose music is woven into a magical web by live effects.

Niemi's debut album Spiraalit / Spirals will be released in February 2020 produced by Venla Ilona Blom of Tuuletar fame.