NIEMI is a mystical combination of lullabies, ambient music, strong imagery and the healing power of nature. Finnish lullaby tradition is hypnotically entwined with elements of electronic music starting a magical journey beyond the reach of space and time.


Lullabies are an age-old way to calm down a child. I’ve always sung and written songs to comfort myself. During my darkest struggles I calmed myself down by singing lullabies. I wanted to escape to a place where anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression and grief couldn’t reach me.

When my father died and I started writing these songs, I asked myself: what comforts me the most? Like many Finns, I’m used to carrying my sorrows to the forest. There, embraced by silence and surrounded by natural wonders, I feel connected with my roots. I find it calming to observe trees in various stages of their growth, death and regrowth. This reveals the fact that we are all entangled with cycles, of all sizes. We are part of a bigger picture, so big that it’s hard to grasp and impossible to control. The lesson taught by the forest is that you can let go. It’s safe to fall asleep.

Inspired by this philosophy, I wrote these songs combining the Finnish lullaby tradition with ambient music elements.

I invite you to find a peaceful spot, lean back, close your eyes and let your flow slow down.

Inka Niemi