Line up

  • Toni Perttula (Accordion, programming)


“He’s described as ‘a true musical blacksmith,’ and you’ll understand why pretty quickly. Perttula’s accordion playing is lyrical and athletic, while his programming takes us into the blacksmith’s workshop with primal sounds reminiscent of hammers and anvils. He’s forged his identity by creating his own musical landscapes, revelling in the sometimes overwhelming, dark beating of metal, and at other times recalling a blacksmith’s exquisite attention to detail as in ‘Talvenselkä’ (Height of Winter), which begins with the icy wind and heavy snow, a winter that builds into something powerful.”
- Fiona Talkington, Songlines, UK

Toni Perttula is a true musical blacksmith. His open-minded experimentation with diverse musical styles and genres has forged a path towards creating his own unique musical approach and identity.

PERTTULA´s lyrical accordion playing is accompanied by the primal, rhythmic beating of hammers and anvils found in a blacksmith's workshop, inviting the listener into a new world where sounds are melted and manipulated by a musical blacksmith into a whole new form.

PERTTULA’s solo album Pajavasara / Forge Hammer is auniquely handcrafted Finnish creation, containing strong folk music influences, dark soundscapes and primal rhythms. Like the process of a blacksmith, Perttula creates something timeless and extraordinary from his carefully selected source elements.