"Pajavasara / Forge Hammer" - PERTTULA


Pajavasara / Forge Hammer out 14th of May, 2021!

Metal working is a way to change the innate nature of a raw material, manipulate its shape and make it behave in the desired way. At the roots of this album is a strong will for self-fulfillment, a will to melt music together and change its form. The theme of the album and the name "Forge Hammer" are descriptive when I think of making the album itself. Many of the songs were not born naturally, and the "Forge Hammer" could be described as my spiritual tool as I shaped them.

The creation of the album has been long and challenging. In the end, the journey I made with this record has been fantastic, and I was able to envisage the stunning scenery of music, even if I recorded it in my own living room.

During that time, the songs slowly revealed themselves as almost human-minded creatures, whose nature had to be understood before I could get along with them. I wish the listener at least as imaginative a journey listening to the record as it has been for me creating it.

Toni Perttula - Accordion, programming