"LOIMU (Mikko Heikinpoika REMIX)" - Tuuletar


Loimu (‘Flame’) is a spell song where a group of people assembles around a blazing bonfire. Together they are raising their collective vitality and spirit to the highest level to praise the belief that together, we are more.

The REMIX version of the song is produced by Finnish ritual musician, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Mikko Heikinpoika. He is part of the new wave of live musicians who strive to create powerful performance experiences through merging the worlds of acoustic and electronic, integrating ancient vocal techniques, live looping, grounded rhythms and deep, heartfelt bass frequencies.

This is how Heikinpoika describes his relationship to the song:
“Loimu hit me deep, when I first heard it. As soon as I did, I thought that this is a song, I’d love to remix. When the right moment came, I sat with the original material and started to weave my own sounds into the fabric of Tuuletar. I feel that the result is fresh, powerful and bound to make you dance!”