"Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal" - Tuuletar

Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal


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Having made impressive performances at WOMEX and Budapest Ritmo last year, they are real discovery.”
-- Songlines, April 2017, Simon Broughton

Songlines, April 2017, UK:
one of the Top of the World albums.

Tuuletar's debut album has been released in June, 2016 in Finland by a Finnish record label Bafe's Factory. The album has been recorded in North Carolina, USA at Liquid 5th Productions –studio.


"Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal" reached World Music Charts Europe #8 and Transglobal World Music Chart #10

Tuuletar got the Etno Emma (Best Ethno Album of the Year 2016 – Finnish Grammy).