Gochag Askarov

Gochag Askarov
Gochag Askarov, photo by Agdes Baghirzade
Gochag Askarov & band, photo by Agdes Baghirzade


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  • country:Azerbaijan
  • style(s):Mugham
  • label:Felmay Records
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Baghirova, Sanubar

Line up

  • Elnur Mikayilov (kemancha)
  • Gochag Askarov (vocals)
  • Kamran Karimov (naqara )
  • Mirjavad Jafarov  (tar, oud)
  • Shirzad Fataliyev (balaban, zurna)


Gochag Askarov is at the forefront of today's generation of Azerbaijani mugham singers, a position that can only be achieved through immense dedication to the art. Not only does it require a thorough knowledge of the vast repertoire of epic poetry and popular stories that have been orally passed on for generations as well as the various complex musical modes on which they are carried, but also an ability to improvise, a skill which is an integral part of this living tradition. Gochag Askarov can add to these abilities a voice capable of a captivating beauty of expression and the uncanny quality of conveying great passion with a masterly control. Accompanied by his brilliant ensemble on tar, kemancha, balaban and naqara, his concerts are fascinating and uplifting manifestations of musical dexterity and the soul of Azerbaijani culture.