"Sun In Capricorn" - VLAD

Sun In Capricorn - cover


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  • artist:VLAD
  • featured artist:Vlad
  • region:North America
  • release year:2008
  • style(s):New Age, Acoustic
  • country:USA
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Balkanfest LLC
  • label:Unis Records
  • publisher:Unisphere Music Publishing
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In 2004 a US debut album "Vladosphere" was released by Orpheus Music. Album received a universal praise from critics, fans and radios. Its instrumental single "Little Star" had quickly become a radio hit-single among industry heavy-weights such as John Mayer, Maroon5 and others.

Keeping the integrity to the art of music and inspired by personal events Vlad is releasing a second US album "Sun In Capricorn". The entire album is recorded on acoustic guitar and the songs are telling a personal story. "This is the most honest music I ever made" - says Vlad about "Sun In Capricorn". Indeed each song has an undeniable effect on a listener of any age, simply because it is the music of a human heart expressed on intimate sound of acoustic guitar. This is the album of maturity and joy...