Balkumbia is Balkan and Latin music fusion band based in Barcelona (Spain).

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Straight from Barcelona, comes Balkumbia with its 'Danceable fusion of immigrant rhythms' (Fusion bailable de ritmos inmigrantes)

Uniting musicians from various countries of the world, with a mixture of sounds influenced by the origins of the band members (Lithuania, Chile, Peru, Italy, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain and Catalonia), Balkumbia is a multicultural project which was Born in Barcelona, spring 2015.

Balkumbia started to play small stages and bars, then progressed to the large concert halls of Barcelona, Europe and Latin America where they had the chance to share their music with epic bands such as Balkan Beat Box (world beat Balkan), Chico Trujillo (cumbia from Chile), Manu Chao (fusion) and many more!

Over the last years Balkumbia have performed around 400 concerts in 16 countries (Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, England, Chile, Portugal,Colombia and Mexico) released two LPs (Balkumbia, 2016 and Vol.2, 2018) and is now working on it's third album with Drytown studio.

As its name suggests, Balkumbia is a mixture of Balkan melodies and Latin rhythms, but also due to its different musical backgrounds, Balkumbia takes their audience on an imaginary trip around various countries of the world.

The current members are: Ugnė Danielė Reikalaitė (Lithuania), Diego Saez Trumper (Chile), Pier Paolo Candeloro (Italy), Diego Bernal (Catalonia), Marco Baranzano (Spain-Uruguay), Roger Martinez (Spain), Gasmany Almanza (Peru), Luis Daniel Ducharne (Venezuela).


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  • WOMEX 2021


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