"Odissea" - BandAdriatica

BandAdriatica - Odissea - Cover - 2018


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  • artist:BandAdriatica
  • featured artist:Redi Hasa, Antonio Castrignanò
  • region:Apulia
  • release year:2018
  • style(s):Brass, Mediterranean
  • country:Italy
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:BandAdriatica
  • label:Finisterre
  • publisher:Finisterre
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ODISSEA (transl. “Odyssey”) is the title of the band's new recording project that explores the sounds of North African music that the band has been practicing for some time. The original inspiration, born from the collaboration with the many artists met along the way in concerts and festivals, has been enriched by extensive research and targeted listening, and has led to a combination of the sounds of wind section and "organetto" (which recalls the musics from southern Italy and the whole basin of the Mediterranean Sea) with the gnawa rhythms and a sinuous 'Saharan'- inspired electric guitar.
The original lyrics, a combination of myth and current events, tell the stories of migrants (as in Odissea and Migrante), sometimes with irony (L'idea), other times in a poetic language (Stella della notte). The Odyssey of Ulysses is trapped in the figure of the migrant, who plows the seas to find himself or to improve his life conditions. The Mediterranean has always been the sea of returns, this fully reflects in the stylistic elements found in BandAdriatica’s work: sounds coming from apparently distant countries mix together and unveil their common origin; the music travels simultaneously forward, driven by the experimentation, and back in time, in search of its identity.
The sound of the new album is enriched by Mike Bozzi’s mastering at the Bernie Grundman Studios in Hollywood.

- 184th place in the 2018 annual ranking of the "Transglobal World Music Chart";
- 3rd place in the "The best of 2018" classification by Sputnik Radio (Germany);
- 35th place in the "Transglobal World Music Chart" of November 2018;
- 30th place in the "Transglobal World Music Chart" of December 2018;
- 32nd place in the "Transglobal World Music Chart" of January 2019;
- 18th place in the "World Music Charts Europe" of January 2019;
- 3rd place in the "Top Ten World Albums" of WERU Community Radio (Maine - USA);
- 9th place in the "Global Village Top 40 Albums" of January 2019;
- 37th place in the "Transglobal World Music Chart" of February 2019;
- 4th in the Roots Music Report's Top 50 World Album Chart (Utah, USA) at the end of January 2019;
- 9th place in the "Global Village Top 40" of January 2019.