• country:India
  • region:Indo-Pacific
  • style(s):Folk, Bengal
  • label:banglanatak dot com MusiCal
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:banglanatak dot com

Line up

  • Babu Fakir (Vocal & Dotara)
  • Bama Prasad Singha (Vocal & Khamak)
  • Debalina Bhowmick (Vocal)
  • Deepmoy Das (Vocal)
  • Golam Fakir (Vocal & Dotara)
  • Khokan Das (Dhol)


Golam Fakir with his melodious voice and unique style of playing the Dotara will be there to present his soulful Baul music. The group is a mixed bag of talents. The urban folk artists Debalina & Deepmoy, and Baul Fakiri performer Babu and Khokan with their rich knowledge on music and excellent performing skills will be present to showcase their versatility in Bengali Folk music. They have huge experience in performing in various national and international festivals including in Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Malayasia, Morocco, China, Bulgaria, UK, Paris, Switzerland and Japan.