• country:India
  • style(s):Folk, Bengal
  • label:banglanatak dot com MusiCal
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:banglanatak dot com

Line up

  • Arjun Khyapa (Vocal)
  • Arpan Thakur Chakraborty (Dotara)
  • Debalina Bhowmick (Vocal)
  • Golam Fakir (Vocal & Dotara)
  • Nimai Khyapa (Vocal)
  • Sajib Sarkar (Dhol)


Indulge into the journey entrenched with deep spiritual understanding of Baul music with Debalina, Arpan Nimai, Sajib, Arjun and Golam. Knowing yourself is the essence of Baul Fakiri music, which reflects the joy, love and longing for mystical union with the Divine. Living the life of an esoteric, denouncing the material world, they urge people to rise above the divides created by caste, creed and religion to find peace. All of them are talented performers with extreme musical experience. They travelled across the world to present the folk tradition of Bengal. Members individually have performed at various National and Global folk festivals including in Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Malayasia, Morocco, China, Bulgaria, Paris, UK, Switzerland, France, Tunisia and China.