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Title track of latest album 'Misra Chappu'
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  • country:Australia
  • region:Australia and Brazil
  • style(s):A Cappella, Contemporary
  • label:not signed
  • type:Composer/Songwriter, Small Ensemble, Quartet
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion
  • artist posted by:Bapa Gajah

Line up

  • Emma Gilmartin (Voice & Percussion)
  • Gabrielle MacGregor  (Voice & Percussion)
  • Jacqueline Gawler (Voice & Percussion)
  • Lisa Young (Voice & Percussion)


Coco's Lunch are Australia's multi award-winning, magical purveyors of original vocal repertoire. With 7 critically acclaimed albums under their belt, these women have won the hearts of audiences in 13 different countries, received countless awards, been featured on compilation albums worldwide, and inspired a generation of singers. Described in Australia as a ‘national treasure’ (Herald Sun), Coco’s Lunch are pioneers in the composition and performance of unique vocal repertoire that is now performed by vocal ensembles and choirs globally.

Featuring Melbourne singer/songwriter/percussionists Jacqueline Gawler, Lisa Young, Gabrielle MacGregor and Emma Gilmartin, Coco’s Lunch creates a distinct voice of unparalleled beauty and originality. On their critically acclaimed new album Misra Chappu, the Coco’s Lunch composers draw deeply from the rich sonic palettes of Australia, India and Africa, and between the four singers a rare alchemy brings these stories to life. Soaring angelic lines and arresting rhythmic interplay, high vibration poetry and breathtaking harmonic movement set a new benchmark for the ensemble.

‘Inordinately, preposterously, almost slanderously
talented.’ Phillip Adams, ABC Radio National, Australia

‘Coco’s Lunch is living proof that the world’s first instrument – the human voice – is still the finest and most versatile...As singers they prove that the voice has no bounds...’ The Hindu, India

'Moving poems of freedom, love and wildness.'
Primarily A Cappella, USA

‘Hooray for this new album by Coco’s Lunch! I fell in love with ‘Other Plans’, so am happy now to see it again, with seven more tracks, each one distinctive, every one a winner. In what I see as a golden age of vocal consort music, Coco’s Lunch is among the champions, unique in the scope of their songs and in the way they voice them.’ Dame Emma Kirkby, London

‘Prodigiously talented, both individually and as an ensemble...’ The Hindu, INDIA

‘One of Australia’s best exports...’ Vancouver Sun, CANADA

‘Truly inspirational!...I would have no hesitation recommending them on any stage around the world.’ Noel Jordan, Producer - Sydney Opera House