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Our journey of Life is also like a River.
Just as the River - during its entire journey - creates, destroys, and re-builds
habitats, similarly all Human beings - in their journey of Life - Love, express,
share feelings, accumulate experiences, knowledge, wisdom and learn to
discard all vices of life, thereby developing one’s own “Conscience”.
Bapi Das Baul and his bands are also regarded as the torchbearers for spreading Baul-Sufi and Buddhism philosophy. It re-iterates simply but realistically that love will set you free and induce happiness -
“Where there are No Borders, No colors, No religion”.
Bapi & his Bands - widely known for their transcendental-like music, which
constitutes an important instrument on the path of self-realization - can be regarded
as representatives of "MANUSH DHARMA" or Religion of Humanity whose
highest divinity is the human being in itself.