"Baul Bishwa" featuring Bapi Das Baul finished new album

Baul Bishwa
Baul Bishwa
Bapi Das Baul live
Bapi Das Baul live
Bapi Das Baul
Bapi Das Baul
"Baul Bishwa" looking for editor for their fresh new CD!!! Maybe it's you, the editor!!!....
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If you are interested, please feel free to contact the Baul Bishwa management at info_jagriti@yahoo.com OR mobile: +33 6 16 92 33 88

Biography Baul Bishwa:

The band Baul Bishwa named by Bapi Das Baul, started as a family project.

Together with his family members and parents. he brought Baul music on typical Baul instruments like a khamak, an ektara, a dugi, a dotara , as well as different flute instruments

They became immediately very popular in India and around. They were also the first Bauls going abroad, what allowed them to spread their music and their culture all over the world.
In 1992 Bapi Das Baul became the artistic leader of the band. He toured several times all over Europe and even got to the United States. He played at the biggest festivals like Womad, Popdeurope, Paleo Festival, Trans musicales de Rennes, CANNES Festival, UK Mela festival, Martinique tour and many others.
While staying faithful to the basic elements of the Baul music, Bapi did bring in a personal touch by working mainly on the rhythm and singing in a new way.
Up till now Baul Bishwa released 8 full Cd’s and a new one is ready to be edited.
One deserves special attention namely “Songs of Love and Ecstasy” (1996), produced by real World (Peter Gabriel).

Everywhere the public was and is captured by the charisma and virtuosity of Bapi Das Baul.
Still nowadays Bapi Das Baul and Baul Bishwa are highly appreciated all over the world.
Also still now he is spreading the philosophy of the Bauls, so simple but so real: Love will set you free.

What is this message actually all about:
Inside we are all the same, people with a heart seeking to love and to be loved.
Society however makes us become what we not really are. You have to do this, you can’t do that, you have to like this, you can’t appreciate that, all because THE OTHERS think it doesn’t fit you in your actual role. Society makes you think in terms of categories, races, standing and role models. What you really feel, want or need is not even taken in consideration. If you don’t follow, you don’t fit in. It is all about rules and habits and has nothing to do with YOU.
But why making things so complicated? How about discovering the many things that life shows you every day? Everything has its own beauty and its own story. It’s up to you to discover all this in its purity and become one with the things you really like.
In other words, weather you are a top manager or a tramp, if you feel like laying down in a meadow and feel like smelling the grass, just do it and enjoy it, become one with nature and feel free. If you feel like dancing, just dance. Just be yourself and let others be themselves too. It’s so easy to do.
No more thinking in terms of categories, races, standing or whatever. This way of living opens the way to be the real you. Just be yourself, love yourself and spread and share this love with every living being.

This unconditional and pure love leads to the ultimate freedom for all of us: the freedom to be able to be yourself everywhere, any time, with everybody across cultures, frontiers believes, religions or whatever, and be loved for it.
It is no more about what you have to be but who you are deep down inside, in your heart, in your mind.

That’s why The Bauls are also called mad, mad as a matter of speaking of course. It is clear that it should be understood as they are setting themselves free of every day truths and habits dictated by society, to find this ultimate freedom.

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article posted by:Bapi-Subhendu Das, Bapi Das Baul (Subhendu Das / Jagriti)