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“The idea of this album "River of Happy Souls" is about us all being on a path, the meeting of past and present, and the messenger of the present for the future... being a Baul, the role of messenger for the new generation...” – Bapi Das Baul.

Bapi Das Baul
Bapi Das Baul is the grandson of the legendary Baul folk singer, and sadhak (prophet), Sri Nabani Das Khyapa Baul. Taken under the collective wings of his senior family members, and parents, Bapi took taleem (training) in Baul-Sufi sangeet from an early age. Now versatile in many instruments, he has played in musical performances around the world. He has also participated in multiple festivals including the Paléo Festival (CH), Colours of Ostrava, (CZ), and Adelaide Festival (AU).

Remaining faithful to the traditions of Baul-Sufi music, Bapi Das Baul conceptualized his melody, rhythm, and singing style in a novel way to help spread the spiritual essence of the Baul-Sufi philosophy. His music re-iterates simply that love will set you free and induce happiness, and that it can take you to a place where there are no borders between race or religion. The idea is, the ultimate freedom to be yourself at any time, with anybody, across cultures, beliefs, and religions… and to be loved for it. His music promotes his belief that inside we are all the same and are to be loved by one and all. His take on Bengali folk music became quickly celebrated worldwide and opened the doors for many to share their ideas of free-thinking and expression through music and culture.

In 1992, he founded the traditional folk music ensemble ‘Baul Bishwa’ (meaning ‘the world of Bauls’), which toured widely within India and around the world. When the band achieved worldwide recognition, Bapi created two more fusion ensembles ‘Mantrasense’ & ‘Senses’, whose music was influenced by different genres from around the globe. Together, his bands have released several albums in India, and other countries, bringing joy to listeners worldwide. These albums are mixed to a high level of proficiency, musically balancing traditional styles with new trance-like techniques for a new generation of Baul music.

Bapi Das Baul and his bands – widely known for their transcendental-like music, an important instrument on the path of self-realization – have also been regarded as representatives of Manush Dharma (a man-centric faith) whose highest divinity is the human being itself.

article posted by:Bapi Das Baul, Bapi Das Baul (Subhendu Das / Jagriti)