Barbad Music Inc.

Barbad Music an Iranian label that has always focoused on artist development.

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Barbad cultural and artistic institute was established in 2001, acting as an agent in producing and releasing the music since 2002. An Iranian label that has always focoused on artist development.
We are proud of the pedigree of artists affiliated to Barbad Music Inc. In recent years Including Babak Bayat, Alireza Ghorbani, Masoud Sha`ari, Mohsen Namjoo and many more.
With such an impressive and diverse musical heritage we continue in our quest to remain a dynamic and creative label, with a wide ranging host of new talent that boasts the likes of the Mohsen Namjoo, Mahyar Shadorvan & Hooman Rad.
All of which serves to emphasise our commitment to creative that thinks beyound the usual boundaries.
Barbad cultural and artistic institute has been trying to achieve several goals:
Introducing and releasing the Iranian music, with a quality appropriate for the ancient Iranian culture and the pure originality of its music, trying to preserve our ancient music heritage, and releasing it worldwide, in order to improve the cultural / musical communications between us and the other nationalities, kinfolk and nations, making grounds for improvement of this music by associating that with other international types of music, and trying to release the music of other nationalities in Iran, to help Iranian get to know them.

That is why; we have been trying to cover 5 different areas:
1- Assembling, Mastering and releasing of Iranian classical music, recorded on gramophone disks, 1906-1976.
2- Assembling and releasing folklore and regional music of different Iranian kinfolk.
3- Producing and releasing of today’s Iranian music, consisiting of classical music and contemporary music such as fusion, Pop, Rock, and … .
4- Distributing and introducing other nationalities’ music inside Iran.
5- Sponsoring different musical concerts, producing and releasing video clips of them.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2008
  • WOMEX 2007


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"Parvaz-e Parviz" - Parviz Yahaghi

"Zarbazar" - Vahid Asadollahi, Kambiz Ganje'i

"Taqdim be Khoda (Proffer to God)" - Alireza Lachini

"Duet Flamenco" - Vahid H.Kamali

"Deja vu" - Falsch

"Beside The Smoky Moon" - Alireza Tehrani

"Yeylagh" - Pouyan Azadeh

"Raz" - Parviz Yahaghi

"Persian Violin Improvising" - Mojtaba Mirzadeh

"Quiet Mournfuls" - Alireza Ghorbani & Irani Ensemble

"The Desert Inside" - Safeer-e Arsh

"Blue of Dream" - Farivar Khosravi

"Mehr-o Mahtab (Mithra & Moonlight)" - Parviz Yahaghi

"Occult Corners Of The Dawn" - Mahyar Shadorvan

"Faraway Lights" - Carina Kimiaee

"Abrisham-e Tarab (Silken Joy )" - Morteza Goodarzi

"From Mud & Soil" - Alireza Ghorbani

"Deluge Of Memories" - Jahanshah Boroumand

"Dead end" - Babak Bayat

"Alone In The Rain" - Hooman Rad

"Sormeh (Collyrium)" - Shahin Alavi & Kaveh Vares

"In the shade of the wind" - Massoud Shaari & Hamsaz Ensemble

"Persian Fantasies" - Safa Kateb Shahidi