"Iran Epic Music 24 - Selected" - Iran Folk Various Masters

  • artist:
    Iran Folk Various Masters
  • featured artist:
    Qolam Ali Neynavaz (Sorna), Ali Jom'eh Neynavaz (Dohol)
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  • style(s):
    • Folk
    • Persian
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  • formats:
    • Audio File / Digital
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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  • publisher:
    Music Center of Hozeh Honari

Collection of Persian epical music includes 24 CD's recorded from Artists live performance in one of the largest festivals specialized in Persian local music, presenting selection of aged heroic and warlike music pieces from Iranian native cultures of different region performed by native music masters with their local musical instruments like Dotar, Tambur, Sorna, Dohol, Naqareh, Tombak, Daf, Kamancheh, Dayereh, Ney, Qoshmeh, Saz, Qichak, Doneli, Doney, Qaval, Balaban, Qavooz, Qopouz & … which some comes along with vocality.
This intact performance is an audible part of music's origin which introduces the Persian ancient's unknown side of life and historical concepts by restoring it. A masterpiece which could interest a wide grouping of people

Iran Folk Various Masters


Persian Folk

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