"Deluge Of Memories" - Jahanshah Boroumand

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    Jahanshah Boroumand
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    Jahanshah Boroumand
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    • Fusion
    • Oriental
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    • Audio File / Digital
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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In this album 14 memorable songs from great Iranian musicians in the years 51 to 61, are accompanied by pleasant and fascinating violin, santour and tonbak playing. Doctor Jahanshah Boromand who has compiled this collection has intentionally and shrewdly chosen certain melodies that combined together could be regarded as a melange of classical and modern pieces, one of these examples are mixing a song called Red rose composed by Parviz Maghsadi and Running away by Attaollah Khoram together with thoroughly classical songs or a fusion of Spanish and Russian melodies with the melody of the song called Don’t you go composed by Morteza Mahjoobi.

Jahanshah Boroumand


Oriental Fusion

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Nations Dialogue - II

Oriental Fusion


Nations Dialogue - I

Oriental Fusion



Oriental Fusion

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