"Persian Violin Improvising" - Mojtaba Mirzadeh

  • artist:
    Mojtaba Mirzadeh
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    • Persian
    • Traditional
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    • Audio File / Digital
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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Strange as it may seem this is the first individual album of an artist so effective in music scene in variety of forms from solo playing to composing in the last 35 years. Maestro Mojtaba Mirzadeh is perhaps one of a kind in this regard in the history of Iranian recordings that only has an album dedicated to him posthumously. One can not say anything not repeated before about his prowess in composing and playing; in Persian violin, kamanche and setar improvisations and the only explanation needed about his music and his talent is listening to this album.

Mojtaba Mirzadeh


Persian Traditional Improvising

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Bayat Zand

Persian Traditional Improvising



Persian Traditional Improvising

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