"Mehr-o Mahtab (Mithra & Moonlight)" - Parviz Yahaghi

  • artist:
    Parviz Yahaghi
  • featured artist:
    Parviz Yahaghi, Jalil Shahnaz
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    • Persian
    • Traditional
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    • Audio File / Digital
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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This album contains Four pieces of improvisations of violin and tar in Classical Iranian Music (Dastgah-e Homayoun, Rast-panjgah, Segah, Bayat-zand). Maestro Parviz Yahagee plays violin – following his third style of playing- accompanied by a unique improviser in tar, maestro Jalil Shahnaz.
These Works Performed in the third style of violin playing by maestro Parviz Yahaghee. His skill and competence in violin improvisation is a well-known fact. Yahaghee’s improvisational technique is in suitable continuity, dept of relationship between musical sentences not to mention his skill in creating incessant and instantaneous incredible new sentences; a characteristic which has all the hall marks of an exquisite and delightful improvised poem.
These performances are undertaken and recorded in Yahaghee’s Personal Studio in recent years. Ambience and emotion transpired in such a private recording is a unique experience that can not be repeated in studio recordings, a fact that is only apparent in improvisational renditions.

Parviz Yahaghi


Persian Traditional Improvising

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Prelude In Homayoun

Persian Traditional Improvising


Rast Panjgah

Persian Traditional Improvising

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