"Sormeh (Collyrium)" - Shahin Alavi & Kaveh Vares

  • artist:
    Shahin Alavi & Kaveh Vares
  • featured artist:
    Shahin Alavi
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  • style(s):
    • New Age
    • Persian
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    • Audio File / Digital
    • CD (Compact Disc)
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Composing music for the instruments not as yet thought of as accompaniments is one of the best selling ways in producing new music combinations today. Such combinations are employed to reach new realms and uncover new horizons in the world of music. In this collection Shahin Allavi, the compiler, plays oud and is accompanied with piano and flute recorder. Choosing oud, a sound that conjures up Persian music in listener’s subconscious, to be played in accompaniment of classic western instruments will naturally be a music combination, a harmonious blend that is palpable throughout the album.

Shahin Alavi & Kaveh Vares


Accompaniment of Oud, Piano & Flute Recorder

Track List

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Autumn Warmth

Accompaniment Oud, Piano & Flute Recorder



Accompaniment Oud, Piano & Flute Recorder



Accompaniment Guitar & Flute Recorder

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