Shaking up the Brazilian musical scene

Under Glauber Amaral’s executive direction, Barraventoartes has been creating, producing and...

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Shaking up the Brazilian musical scene

Under Glauber Amaral’s executive direction, Barraventoartes has been creating, producing and organizing music concerts since 1988. It is an authentic Agency for the Brazilian Popular and Instrumental Music, with a wide experience in divulging the repertoire of already famous musicians and in projecting new talents. Recently, it has broadened its horizons and started to service companies which employ the artistic universe in their promotional activities and inciting events.

Barraventoartes produces concerts for local and foreign musicians, both in Brazil and abroad.

The agency is active in three complementary fronts of the show business:

Artistic Production – career guidance, guidance for musical works of renowned musicians and development of new exponents.

Cultural Marketing – preparation of artistic projects and securing of funds with the private enterprise, based on the musician’s requirements. And, to supply the corporate demand, fitting of the companies’ requirements to the project, generating different products: tours, promotional CDs and launchings, among others.

Insertion in record companies – presentation of artistic music projects to record companies and specialized labels, aiming at finalizing in different medias: CD, DVD, video-CD.

Barraventoartes has already organized hundreds of events in the most important theaters and show halls in Brazil, private and public enterprise’s cultural spaces and Sesc units.

The managed musicians’ profile is also differentiated: famous songwriters, arrangers, singers and instrument players and new talents seeking for projection. Among the productions, we underline concerts of different proportions, cultural and corporate purposes and focuses. For the performance and success of many of such productions, the agency has resorted to the support and sponsorship from companies, clients and partners.


o theaters: Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, Teatro São Pedro (São Paulo/SP), Teatro Pedro II (Ribeirão Preto/SP), Teatro do CIC (Florianópolis/SC), Teatro do SESI (Porto Alegre/RS), Teatro Palácio das Artes (Belo Horizonte/MG), Teatro Guaíra (Curitiba/PR), Teatro do Instituto Moreira Salles (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), Teatro João Caetano (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), Teatro Rival (Rio de Janeiro/RJ), Teatro Goiânia (Goiânia/GO), Teatro Nacional (Brasília/DF), Teatro Amazonas (Manaus/AM), Teatro Alberto Maranhão (Natal/RN);

o cultural spaces: Itaú Cultural (São Paulo), unidades do SESC de São Paulo, capital and interior, SESC Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro), Lona Cultural (Rio de Janeiro), Santander Cultural (RS);

o show halls: Tom Brasil, Via Funchal, Sala São Paulo (SP), Clube do Choro de Brasília (DF);

o open spaces: Jardim In Concert (Campos dos Goytacazes/Rio de Janeiro), Vila Riso (Rio de Janeiro), Parque do Ibirapuera, Parque da Aclimação, Shopping Anália Franco (São Paulo), Marina da Glória (Rio de Janeiro/RJ);

o festivals: Free Jazz Festival (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Festival do Novo Canto (IBM), Festival de Inverno de Bonito (MS), Festival de Inverno de Garanhuns (PE), Festival de Inverno de Campos do Jordão (SP), Festival de Inverno de Goiás Velho (GO), Festival de Inverno de Domingos Martins (ES), Festival de Verão do Litoral Norte (SP), Chivas Jazz Festival (RJ/SP), Rock in Rio Lisboa (Po).


Zélia Duncan, Otto, Léo Maia, Marcelo D2, Arnaldo Antunes, Dj Patife, Marcelinho da Lua, Péricles Cavalcanti, Wanda Sá, Altamiro Carrilho, Armandinho, Banda de Pífanos de Caruaru, Bicho de Pé, Bocato, Carlos Malta, Carmina Juarez, Chico César, Clube do Balanço, Demônios da Garoa, Dodô & Osmar, Dominguinhos, Edvaldo Santana, Época de Ouro, Ithamara Koorax, Jane Duboc, João Donato, Joyce, Lenine, Leny Andrade, Luís Nassif, Maestro Júlio Medaglia, Maria Rita Mariano, Mestre Salustiano, Mona Gadelha, Mônica Salmaso, Nelson Ayres, Orquestra de Câmara Sesiminas, Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica, Oswaldinho do Acordeon, Paulinho da Viola, Paulo Moura, Renato Borghetti, Renato Braz, Rita Ribeiro, Selma do Coco, Trio Azymuth, Trio Curupira, Trio Nordestino, Trio Virgulino, Vânia Bastos, Vanessa Bumagny, Yamandú Costa, Zeca Baleiro, 4 Sure, among others.

Some Productions

o Creation, direction and securing of funds for "Projeto 125 anos de Chorinho" and "Altamiro Carrilho In Concert", supported by Serasa, from 2001 to 2002. This project resulted in the recording of a CD live at Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, in addition to a tour through the main capital cities in Brazil, with Altamiro Carrilho and guests: Paulinho da Viola, Época de Ouro, Zélia Duncan, Demônios da Garoa, João Donato, Yamandú Costa and Carmina Juarez.

o Tour with Ithamara Koorax, a musician deemed in 2002, as the world’s 4th best jazz singer by Down Beat, in the category “Female Singer”, behind only Cassandra Wilson, Diana Krall and Dianne Reeves.

o Production for DirectTV of the special show of João Donato, recorded at Bourbon Street/SP, with special appearances by Joyce and Ithamara Koorax, in 2001.

o Inauguration of "Rua do Choro", at Largo General Osório, in the city of São Paulo, with the musician Altamiro Carrilho, in December, 2000.

o Appearance of the musician João Donato at the Free Jazz Festival, in 2000.

o Participation in the production of Project Fisarmonica 2000, in the cities of Reggio Emilia, Castel Fiddardo, Castel Nuovo Nel Monte/Italy, the World’s Largest Accordion Festival, which in the year 2000, with the appearances of Frank Marroco (EUA), Richard Galiano (France), Oswaldinho do Acordeon (Brazil), Mirco Ferrarini (Italy), Stefan Hussong (Yugoslav).

o Over 120 concerts performed in SESC units in São Paulo, with miscellaneous musicians and projects.

o Artistic direction of the concert Centenário de Pixinguinha for the program Bem Brasil of TV Cultura, in 1998.

o Direction and performance of São João at Tom Brasil, in 1998.

o Appearance by the musician Armandinho at Free Jazz Festival, in 1998.

Clients and Partners

Ajato, Banco do Brasil, Deck Discos, Fundação Padre Anchieta, IBM, Instituto Moreira Salles, Itaú Cultural, Jam Music, Petrobrás, Rádio Alvorada FM/MG, Rádio Eldorado, Rádio MPB/RJ, Santander Cultural, Secretarias de Cultura Municipais and Estaduais, Serasa, Sebrae, Sesc, Sesiminas, Siemens, Shopping Anália Franco, Trama, Véritas, W/Brasil, among others.


55-11- 3259-0808

Rua Sergipe, 401, suite 1310 – CEP 01243-001

Higienópolis - São Paulo – SP – Brasil



participating in

  • WOMEX 2004
  • WOMEX 2003


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